Our Fees

Registered Office Service - RM120.00 per year

We will act as your Registered Office - This is the 'official' address of your Company in Malaysia. The Registered Office is used by the Registrar of Companies and the Inland Revenue Board for sending official papers. We will forward on all official mail by first class post or airmail.

Nominee Company Secretary  

All Malaysian Companies must have a licensed or qualified Company Secretary.  Such a person must have the necessary qualifications recognised under the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965. FMSB Services will provide the necessary qualified personnel to act as your Company Secretary to ensure your compliance with the Companies Act.  The basic fee for acting as the Company Secretary will be RM840 per year.  However, where the volume of work is higher  and hence more time is spent on the job, the charge will reflect such additional time incurred.  However, all fees will be subject to negotiation. 

Nominee Directors Services - RM2,400 per director per year.

All Malaysian Companies are required to have at least two directors who are ordinarily resident in Malaysia.  Such a person should be either a Malaysian citizen or a person who has permanent resident status in Malaysia.  If necessary, FMSB Services can provide the necessary qualified personnel to act as your Company Directors to ensure your compliance with the Companies Act.

Preparation of your Company's Annual Return  

The charge for the preparation of the Company's Annual Return is included in the nominee secretary fee of RM840 per year.  However, the annual filing fee of RM150 (excluding disbursements) will be to your account.

Preparation of Company Accounts  

The preparation of the annual accounts of the Company is the responsibility of management.  We will assist in the preparation of the company accounts if requested by the company.  However, the charge for such services will depend on the degree of skill and time spent on the job.  

Audit of Company's Accounts

All companies (including dormant and non-trading companies) are required by the Companies Act, 1965 to prepare audited accounts to be tabled before the company at each and every annual general meeting of the Company.  We can arrange for the company to appoint qualified approved company auditors to audit the accounts of the company.  Any audit fees to be paid to the auditors will have to be borned by the Company.

Submission of Income Tax Returns to the Inland Revenue Board

All companies (including dormant and non-trading companies) are required to comply with the relevant income tax legislations regarding the completion and submission of the Income Tax Returns under the Self Assessment System to the Inland Revenue Board.  We can advise you on the Income Tax  requirements and recommend suitable qualified personnel to act as the Company's Tax Agent in Malaysia.  Any charges by the Tax Agent will be between the Company and the Tax Agent.

We can also assist in the submission of the taxation returns of the employees of the company.

Change of Company Name - RM300

We will conduct the necessary search at the Registrar of Companies whether the proposed new name for the company is available and can be used.  If it is available, we will draw up the Special Resolution to Change the Name of your Company, send it to you for signature then forward it to the The Registrar of Companies.  Upon receiving the new certificate of incorporation, we will forward it to you if requested.

Kindly note that all filing fees and disbursements incurred will be to our account

Opening a Bank Account - around RM200

We can get all the necessary forms to assist you with the opening a bank account with a Malaysian clearing bank account.  We will also ensure that all the necessary Board Resolutions are prepared and sent to you for signature.  However, kindly note that certain banks require the cheque signatories to sign the signature cards (application forms) in the presence of the banks' officers.

Change in Memorandum or Articles of Association - from RM150

We can be of assistance should you require a specific objects clause in your Memorandum of Association through to re-drafting of your Articles of Association.

Attendance at Board Meetings/General Meetings of the Company - from RM200

We can, if requested, attend the Board Meetings or General Meetings of the company to take down minutes of meetings of the Company and to provide all necessary assistance as the Company Secretary.  Our fee for such attendance will be from RM200 per meeting depending on the time spent at the meeting.   

Book-keeping Services - from RM100 per month

We can provide complete book-keeping services to record all the company's financial transactions and produce the necessary financial accounts for the company.  The accounts can be provided on a monthly quarterly or annual basis depending on the requirements of the client.  Our charges will depend on the volume of work and whether the accounts are required on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Detailed debtors/creditors ledgers will be maintained. 

The book-keeping services can be performed at the client's premises or in our office.

Registration with the Employees Provident Fund, SOCSO - from RM300

All companies employing any person in Malaysia are required to make contributions to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and SOCSO.   The contributions are based on a certain percentage of the employees salaries.  We can assist in the registration of the company with the EPF and SOCSO so as to ensure that the company is compliant with the various statutory requirements as regards to remunerations paid to employees.